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all_feeling and lauradumb graphic community

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_ ccftt & lauradumb graphic community _

This is a graphics community of
ccftt and lauradumb
Here you can find all our icons, banners, wallpapers and tutorials.

Our graphics mostly focus on Supernatural, Lost, Queer as folk and stock but you can also find art of other TV shows, movies, actors or music artists that we like. We have our individual styles but sometimes we join and make a “themed” icon post (icons of one theme or subject).

Feel free to FRIEND this community for updates
and check TAGS if you’re looking for something specific.




Note this

This community is rated NC17 and could contain strong language and pictures of homosexuality, so if you’re younger than 18 and are in any way uncomfortable with homosexuality, this journal is nothing for you.
Make sure you have your date of birth stated in your profile, we’ll keep an eye on it.


CREDIT ccftt or lauradumb(@ dumb_feeling) in keywords comments!
COMMENT if you’re taking anything, comments are love!
Textless icons are not bases, do NOT customize them!
NO HOTLINKING! Upload them to your own server!
Don’t claim as your own and ask before using them on other web sites!
Don’t use them on xanga!

All_Feeling's Resources . LauraDumb's Resources
Layout code thanks to Minty Peach . Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Teaser Icontable thanks to Latexandleather . IconTable thanks to Abernathi

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